Methodologies: Data Mining, Data, Statistics and Stochastic Methods, High Performance Computing, Multi-scale and Large-scale, Uncertainty Quantification

Derek Posselt

Sponsored Affiliate, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering


Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Derek J. Posselt is a Deputy Principal Investigator of the NASA CYGNSS EV-2 Mission. He is an sponsored Affiliate of U-M Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering. His research seeks to quantify the multi-scale interactions that govern the feedback response of dynamically organized cloud systems to changes in the Earth’s climate. It is designed to capitalize on the convergence between modern computing resources, global observing systems, and nonlinear ensemble-based data assimilation methods. Posselt uses large-domain high-resolution numerical simulations to simultaneously resolve global and local atmospheric processes. He mines datasets collected by in-situ and remote sensing observing systems for information on the Earth’s hydrologic cycle. Posselt generates ensembles of millions of individual numerical simulations to estimate the envelope of uncertainty in projections of Earth’s future climate. Each of these efforts is not only computationally demanding, but also data-intensive, and depends critically on the availability and efficient use of large-capacity computational resources.

Climate visualization