MICDE actively seeks partnerships with companies that employ computational science and engineering for product development, and indeed with any organization engaged in computational discovery. We specifically look for such partners outside academia.

There are a number of ways for partners to work with us, including:

  • Identification of sponsored research projects on well-defined problems. MICDE can help define such projects as well as pinpoint the appropriate computational research groups at University of Michigan.
  • Small-scale development projects of a computational nature, to be executed by student teams, with MICDE faculty members as advisors.
  • Software use agreements that can provide exposure of new or continuing releases to research groups and students.
  • Joint development of hardware configurations (at the component and systems’ levels) for scientific computing and data-driven computations.
  • Sponsorship of MICDE seminars, the Annual Symposium or Scientific Computing Students’ Club.
  • Engagement with the Scientific Computing Students’ Club as an outlet for early testing of computational technologies.

Not-for-profit groups will find many avenues open to them, including:

  • MICDE outreach in support of teaching and training in computing and computational science.
  • MICDE sponsorship of access to computing resources.
  • Consultation on science camps with a computing bent.

MICDE also welcomes queries or requests for comments on issues dealing with computing, computational science and engineering and, more broadly, on information technology.

Please email us at micde-contact@umich.edu for more information or to explore specific opportunities.