[SC2 Jobs] Intern Opportunities at AMD Research

By November 7, 2017SC2 jobs

AMD Research performs leading-edge research and provides technology direction critical to their company’s future. Their diverse research areas range from circuit design and computer architecture to system software and application engineering. Their goal is to influence both industry and academia through exploration of important research directions and future technologies in an environment conducive to collaborations with groups within and outside AMD and through publication of findings.

AMD Research seeks outstanding students and graduates for exciting intern, post-grad, and post-doc positions. Their primary areas of research involve the following topics:


  • System concepts for accelerated machine intelligence and machine learning
  • Parallel programming using MPI, OpenMP, OpenCL, C++ AMP, Legion, or Chapel
  • High-level simulation of processors, memory, and computer clusters
  • Software tools including compliers, runtimes, debuggers, and profilers
  • System software including Linux, runtimes, and resource management
  • Scientific computing and data analytics applications
  • Power efficient circuits, power optimizations, and power management
  • 3D die stacking, SoC design, and on-chip networks
  • HPC system design and analysis

Candidates should have at least a B.S. degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or a closely related field. Advanced degrees are strongly preferred.

Interested students or graduates should send an email with a copy of their resume, to Michael.Boyer@amd.com using the subject line “intern opportunities at AMD Research”. Include in the email when you are interested in working at AMD (e.g., Spring 2018, Summer 2018), which of the above areas you have experience in, and if you have a preferred or required work location.

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Austin TX, Bellevue WA, Boxborough MA, or Sunnyvale CA