[SC2 jobs] NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group)

By October 17, 2017SC2 jobs

NAGlogoNAGlogoStudent Placement: Computational Software Engineer

Gain invaluable experience developing technical software in a commercial setting

About the Role

NAG is¬†looking for a Computational Software Engineer to undertake one or more projects within their Development Division. The precise nature of the projects will depend on business needs at the time and on the successful candidate’s skills, but typical examples could be:

  • Porting and testing versions of NAG software to different software or hardware environments.
  • Writing code to implement new algorithms in the NAG Library, along with suitable test programs and documentation.
  • Re-writing code contributed by third-parties to NAG standards and incorporating it into the NAG Library.
  • Using software tools to investigate code coverage of existing test programs.
  • Developing programs which demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of NAG software, to be used by our sales and marketing staff when meeting customers, attending trade shows etc.

For more information please see https://www.nag.com/content/student-placement-computational-software-engineer