[SC2 Jobs] Performance Computational Scientists at ICHEC

By November 7, 2017SC2 jobs

The Irish Centre for High-End Computing is Ireland’s national HPC centre, which provides advanced technical solutions and infrastructure to academia, industry and the public sector.

Computing (HPC) in Ireland and is a centre of domain, systems and software expertise that provides high performance software solutions to academia, industry and state bodies, through partnership, knowledge transfer, project delivery and service provision. ICHEC operates the national HPC service providing compute resources and software expertise for the research communities across all the main science disciplines through collaborative partnerships and programs of education and outreach.

Working with industry partners, the job will focus on investigating new approaches, developing new software, as well as refactoring/optimizing existing software (performance engineering), with the general goal of increasing the performance and energy efficiency of software applications on a range of emerging many-core platforms, including emerging extreme scale systems.

This position offers an annual salary of $54,000.

Applications are due by Friday, December 1, 2017. Please see https://www.ichec.ie/careers/performance-computational-scientist for more information.

Job category

Computational Scientist



Application deadline

December 1, 2017