[SC2 Jobs] Research Opportunities at AMD Research

By November 7, 2017SC2 jobs

AMD Research performs leading-edge research and provides technology direction critical to their company’s future. Their diverse research areas range from circuit design and computer architecture to system software and application engineering. Their goal is to influence both industry and academia through exploration of important research directions and future technologies in an environment conducive to collaborations with groups within and outside AMD and through publication of findings.

AMD has opening in the following areas:


Reference Number Approximate Level Description
42821 Senior Experienced system architect needed to conceive and execute a system technical vision for machine-learning products. The architect will drive the development of machine-learning solutions in scaled-out environments that utilize a variety of accelerator technologies such as GPUs and FPGAs. The architect will be focused on large-scale, ultra-high-performant applications with strong emphasis on machine intelligence
42823 Mid Drive the development of software components within a heterogenous platform to meet low-power and high-performance goals. The applications of interest have a strong component of machine intelligence at the large scale
34842 Mid Drive energy-efficient CPU and GPU pipelining techniques. The project goal is to investigate how architecture, microarchitecture, circuits, and system-level control techniques can be used together to reduce overall energy consumption. Development of dynamically data-adaptive systems will result in prototyping and implementations in the next generations of computing devices. Deep understanding of data compression and encoding techniques, physics of data movement, and circuits design and evaluation are required. Familiarity of machine learning technologies is beneficial.
34843 Mid Expert on GPU microarchitecture optimizations. The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of GPU microarchitecture, deep experience with performance simulators, strong performance analysis skills, an understanding of performance/power tradeoffs, and excellent multi-threaded programming skills
42863 Mid Significant relevant industry experience to pursue research and advanced development in advanced memory systems, technologies, and interfaces. The job duties include developing and evaluating novel memory technologies, evaluating their use in processor architectures for various applications of interest, working with other teams within research, product groups, and vendor partners to drive technologies into future products, communicating with key internal and external stakeholders, and publishing in peer-reviewed venues
(new) Mid Principal HPC applications software developer to drive their long-term exascale software vision. In this role, you will define and lead projects that will have a significant impact on AMD’s product portfolio. You will be responsible for driving the development of scientific algorithms and software into a scaled-out environment that utilizes a variety of accelerator technologies including GPUs and FPGAs. You will work closely with software teams in research as well as product teams and external customers to define software technologies, algorithms, and techniques that address tomorrow’s needs to shape AMD’s flagship products

All candidates should have a PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or a closely related field, or have equivalent experience. A strong candidate will have an extensive record of publications and patents in the field.

Interested candidates should send an email with a copy of their resume, to Michael.Boyer@amd.com using the subject line “new opportunities”. Specify the reference number for the opening that is the best match to your skills and interests.

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Austin TX, Bellevue WA, Boxborough MA, or Sunnyvale CA