Academic Requirements

There are four fundamental requirements for earning a Graduate Certificate in Computational Discovery and Engineering.

  1. Nine graduate credit hours of coursework in approved courses, a non-exhaustive list can be found here. These courses are designated either Methodology or Applications — at least six course-hours must be in classes in Methodology. (Up to three credits can be double-counted with another Rackham degree.)
  2. A CDE-related experience approved by the CDE Program Committee. This can take the form of non-credit activity like an internship, practicum or professional project equivalent to a three credit-hour course, or additional coursework of at least three credits from the approved course list. (This course can be double-counted with another Rackham degree program.) Master students can participate in the Multidisciplinary Design Program to fulfill this requirement. To find out more about this option, please visit
  3. Attendance at the MICDE Annual Symposium, which will provide graduate students an opportunity to present the results of their research in talks and poster sessions. All students are required to attend; Ph.D. students are encouraged to make a poster presentation.
  4. Regular attendance at the MICDE Seminar Series, which brings internationally known CDE scientists to campus. Students are required to attend at least half of the seminars.