Approved Courses

Students must complete nine credit hours of approved courses to earn the CDE certificate — at least six from the list of Methodology classes, and the rest from Applications classes. Please email if you would like to use a course that is not listed here.

Methodology CDE Courses

Number Title
AEROSP 510/511 Finite Elements In Mechanical And Structural Analysis I & II
AEROSP 523 Computational Fluid Dynamics I (cross-listed with MECHENG 523)
AEROSP 623 Computational Fluid Dynamics II
AERO 729 Spec Top Gasdynamic
AOSS 407 Mathematical Methods in Geophysics
AOSS 555 Spectral Methods
ASTR 406 Computational Astrophysics
BIOINF 501 Math Foundations Bioinf
BIOMEDE 503 Statistical Methods For Biomedical Engineering
CEE 510 Finite Element Methods In Solid And Structural Mechanics (cross-listed with NAME 512)
CHE 505 Applied Mathematics For Chemical Engineers
CHE 540 Mathematical Methods For Biological Network Analysis
CHE 557 Computational Nanoscience Of Soft Matter
CMPLXSYS511 Theory of Complex Systems
CMPLXSYS535 Network Theory (cross-listed with PHYS 508)
EARTH 486 Data and Models
EARTH 500 Introduction to Linux Programming
EECS 402 Computer Programming For Scientists And Engineers
EECS 442 Computer Vision
EECS 492 Artificial Intelligence
EECS 503 Introduction To Numerical Electromagnetics
EECS 545 Machine Learning
EECS 584 Advanced Database Systems
EECS 586 Design And Analysis Of Algorithms
EECS 587 Parallel Computing
EECS 598 Special Topics: Brain-Like Computing
INFO 561 Natural Language Processing
INFO 601 Data Manipulation
INFO 608 Networks
INFO 618 Data Man & Analysis
INFO 649 Information Visualization
INFO 650 Information Retrieval
INFO 721 Data Mining: Methods And Applications
INFO 760 Language And Information
IOE 510 Linear Programming I
IOE 511 Continuous Optimization Methods (cross-listed with MATH 562)
IOE 512 Dynamic Programming
IOE 565 Time Series Modeling, Analysis, and Forecasting (cross-listed with MECHENG 563 and MFG 561)
IOE 574 Simulation Analysis
IOE 610 Linear Programming II
IOE 611 Nonlinear Programming
IOE 612 Network Flows
IOE 614 Integer Programming
IOE 691 Special Topics In Stochastic And Robust Optimization
MATH 450 Adv Mathematical Methods for Engineers
MATH 454 Boundary Value Problems for Partial Differential Equations
MATH 471 Introduction to Numerical Methods
MATH 556 Methods of Applied Math I: Applied Functional Analysis
MATH 557 Methods of Applied Math II: Asymptotics
MATH 571 Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing I
MATH 572 Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing II
MATH 671 Topics in Scientific Computing (Numerical Methods I)
MECHENG 501 Analytical Methods In Mechanics
MECHENG 505 Finite Element Methods In Mechanical Engineering
MECHENG 543 Analytical And Computational Dynamics I
MECHENG 555 Design Optimization (cross-listed with MFG 555)
MECHENG 560 Modeling Dynamic Systems (cross-listed with MFG 562)
MSE 554 Computational Methods In MATSCIE And CHE (cross-listed with CHE 554)
NERS 544 Monte Carlo Methods
NERS590-* Special Topics in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences II (topics change each term)
NERS590-* Methods and Practices of Scientific Computing
PHYS 411 Introduction to Computational Physics
PHYS 514 Computational Physics
STATS 415 Intro to Data Mining
STATS 500 Applied Statistics I
STATS 503 Statistics Learning II

Applications CDE Courses

Number Title
AOSS 477 Space Weather Modeling
AOSS 586 Climate Data Analysis
BIOMEDE 580 Computation Projects In Radiation Imaging (cross-listed with NERS 580)
CEE 520 Physical Processes of Land-Surface Hydrology
CHEM 461 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 462  Computational Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 463 Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 571 Quantum Chemistry
CHEM 575 Chemical Thermodynamics
CHEM 580 Molecular Spectra and Structure
CMPLXSYS 425 Evolution In Silico
EEB 401 Advanced Topics
EECS 463 Power System Design And Operation
EECS 484 Database Management Systems
EECS 485 Web Database And Information Systems
EECS 487 Interactive Graphics (wepage)
EECS 517 Physical Processes In Plasmas
EECS 556 Image Processing (webpage)
EECS 570 Parallel Computer Architecture
EECS 592 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
EECS 598 Special Topics In Computer Vision
EPID 633 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling in Epidemiology and Public Health
IOE 623 Computational Finance (cross-listed with MATH 623)
MATH 462 Mathematical Models
MATH 463 Math Modeling in Biology
MATH 472 Numerical Methods with Financial Applications
MATH 563 Advanced Mathematical Methods for the Biological Sciences
MATH 568 Math & Comp Neurosci
MECHENG 499 Sustainable Engineering and Design, Special Topics in ME: Vibrations
MECHENG 499/599 Special Topics: Atomistic Computer Modeling Of Materials, Special Topics in ME
NERS 574 Introduction to Computational Plasma Physics