Methodologies: Materials, Multiphysics

Anthony Waas

Professor Emeritus, Aerospace Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Anthony Waas is the Felix Pawlowski Collegiate Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering (courtesy). The development of validated analytical and computational methods to understand how a structure (such as an air-vehicle wing, a fuselage, the load bearing structure of a land-vehicle, the wing of an insect, a wind turbine blade) made of multi-materials responds to external environments is the overarching goal of Wass’ research group. Naturally, this involves multi-physics and mechanics based models at different spatial and temporal scales. To achieve this goal, the group performs a combination of experiments, computational modeling and analysis, and theoretical developments when necessary. This work has led to novel algorithms and multi-scale methods that provide a balance between high fidelity and computational efficiency, with particular emphasis on capturing damage and failure mechanics, including interaction between these in a mesh (discretization) objective manner. Publications listed in ISI Web of Science, under the name “Waas, AM” will show the diversity of computational discovery and engineering related research that the group has done and is doing.

Crack growth prediction (code developed by Dr. Rudraa Raju)

Crack growth prediction (code developed by Dr. Rudraa Raju)