Methodologies: Optimization and Control, Physics-Specific Methods

C. David Remy

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

C. David Remy is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and head of the Robotics and Motion Laboratory. The lab¬†seeks to systematically exploit mechanical dynamics to make future robots faster, more efficient, and more agile.¬† Inspired by nature, the group designs and controls robots whose motion emerges in great part passively from the interaction of inertia, gravity, and elastic oscillations, and is merely initiated and shaped through active actuator inputs. In the long term vision, the lab’s research will allow the development of systems that reach and even exceed the agility of humans and animals. It will enable us to build autonomous robots that can run as fast as a cheetah and as enduring as a husky, while mastering the same terrain as a mountain goat. To this end, the group will develop appropriate methods for the control and design of robots. It will draw inspiration from biomechanics and biology, deepen our theoretical understanding of natural dynamics through simulation, and employ advanced numerical optimization as primary tool for systematic design and development.