Methodologies: High Performance Computing, Numerical Analysis and Methodologies

Heath Hofmann

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, ECE


Michigan Energy Institute

Heath Hofmann is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – Electrical and Computer Engineering Division. Professor Hofmann’s computational research focuses on the modelling of electromechanical devices and systems. An area of emphasis is the development of computationally efficient electromagnetic and thermal models of rotating electric machines based upon finite element analysis (FEA). Specific projects include the development of parallelizable preconditioners for steady-state magnetoquasistatic FEA solvers, the application of model-order-reduction techniques to thermal and electromagnetic finite-element models, nonlinear modeling of magnetic materials, integrated FEA-circuit simulations, and the development of “scaling” techniques that allow the user to efficiently create a suite of electric machines with different performance characteristics from a single design.

Magnetoquasistatic model of permanent magnet machine

Magnetoquasistatic model of permanent magnet machine