Crosscutting Activities in Materials Research (XC) is responsible for coordinating and supporting crosscutting initiatives within the Division of Materials Research (DMR) and across the National Science Foundation (NSF). XC focuses on promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering international cooperation, and advancing education, including experiential learning opportunities. It also supports community engagement activities such as summer schools, institutes, workshops, and conferences that span multiple DMR programs. Workshop proposals should follow the Special Guidelines for Conference Proposals outlined in the PAPPG. In some cases, projects spanning multiple DMR programs may be shifted to XC or co-funded by XC to increase their visibility through the XC website. Proposals that do not fit into other NSF programs but are highly relevant to the materials research and education community are welcome. Some XC activities receive co-funding from other NSF units. However, XC does not handle traditional research proposals suitable for submission to specific DMR programs. It is advisable to contact one of the Program Directors for XC before submitting a full proposal exceeding $50,000, and inquiries with a draft NSF summary or a shorter write-up are encouraged.