The ECI (Engineering for Civil Infrastructure) program supports fundamental research in geotechnical, structural, materials, architectural, and coastal engineering. It focuses on shaping the future of civil infrastructure, including climate change adaptation, hazards resilience, and sustainability. The program considers various types of civil infrastructure, such as buildings, water systems, energy infrastructure, and transportation systems. Disciplinary and convergent research addressing resilience and sustainability over the service lifetime of infrastructure is of particular interest. The program supports research on infrastructure behavior under environmental conditions, extreme hazard events, and the behavior of geomaterials and infrastructure materials. Leveraging NSF’s investments in the NHERI infrastructure is encouraged. The program does not fund research on natural resource exploration, blasts/explosions, sensor technologies, or hazard characterization. Proposers are encouraged to consult with Program Officers and submit a one-page project summary for guidance on topic suitability and interdisciplinary proposals.