MICDE Fellow

Aster Taylor

2023-2024 MICDE fellow

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I work on planet formation theory, with a current focus on giant planet formation in a core accretion paradigm. My current work looks at distinctions in the formation of gas giant planets as a result of conditions in their local environment, and how these differences shape the structure and radiative signatures of forming planets.

In addition, I work on characterizing minor planets in the solar system, in particular, exploring models and explanations for their accelerations and origins. Currently, I am working on investigating the “dark comets” that were identified earlier this year. I continue to work on investigating their


Fred Adams

Research Areas

Algorithms and Codes
Astronomy; Geospace and Atmospheric Science
Computer Architecture; Optimization; Control and HPC
Mechanics and Dynamics
Modeling: Multi-scale; Predictive and Metamodeling
Numerical Analysis; Statistics and Stochastic Methods and Theories
Physics: Theory; Methods and Application