Joseph N.S. Eisenberg

Professor, Epidemiology

Affiliations: American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene


Joseph Eisenberg


Dr. Eisenberg is the John G. Searle endowed Chair and Professor of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan.  Dr.  Eisenberg received his PhD in Bioengineering in the joint University of California, Berkeley/University of California, San Francisco program, and an MPH from the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley.  Dr. Eisenberg studies infectious disease epidemiology with a focus on waterborne and vectorborne diseases. His broad research interests, global and domestic, integrate theoretical work in developing disease transmission models and empirical work in designing and conducting epidemiology studies. He is especially interested in the environmental determinants of infectious diseases.

One of Dr. Eisenberg’s research focus has been on the development of a new microbial risk assessment framework that shifts the traditional approach of individual-based static models to population-based dynamic models. In coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this work has led him to apply these disease transmission models to assess the public health risk from exposures to microbial agents in drinking waters, recreational waters, and biosolids. Dr. Eisenberg’s work locally and abroad is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary.

Research Areas

Clinical Applications
Health Science
Modeling: Multi-scale; Predictive and Metamodeling