Khalil Khanafer

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering - Flint

(810) 766-6807

Portrait of Khalil Khanafer


My recent research project is focusing on finite element analysis of thermo-mechanical behavior of a multi-layer laser additive manufacturing process. Also, I am characterizing the mechanical properties of 3D printing metal parts under various process parameters such as laser speed, build direction, layer thickness. Several publications were produced.

Maximum shear stress over layer 3 at the end of deposition of each layer.

Teaching, serving on recruitment committee, advisor for ASME club

I have several years of research experience in the field of computational thermo-fluid dynamics. I have authored over 100 peer-reviewed journal publications (h-index: 47 according to Google Scholar, 11943 citations) and 15 invited book chapters in various areas. Some of these areas are Multiphysics modeling and simulation of laser additive manufacturing process, fluid-structure interaction (FSI) analysis of flow and heat transfer in thermal systems, thermal management of high heat flux electronic devices, applications of nanoparticles in solar energy and desalination, energy harvesting using piezoelectric, laminar, and turbulent transport phenomena in porous media, and flow and heat transfer in biological tissues. Currently, I am an associate editor for both the Journal of Porous Media and Special Topics and Reviews in Porous Media Journal: An International Journal.

Research Areas

Energy; Environment and Natural Resources
Materials: Calculations; Simulations and Modeling
Modeling: Multi-scale; Predictive and Metamodeling
Numerical Analysis; Statistics and Stochastic Methods and Theories