Krishnan Mahesh

Richard B Couch Professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering & Director of the Center for Naval Research and Education (CNRE), Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Affiliations: Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering


portrait of Krishnan Mahesh


Krishnan Mahesh and his team are working on developing simulation methods that are flexible enough to handle real-world engineering problems and accurate enough to reliably simulate the complicated details of turbulence. As a result, we are now capable of simulating complex flows that would have been inconceivable a decade ago. These simulations enable us to understand the intricate details of turbulent flows in a range of real-world applications, which can help engineers design better devices and scientists make new discoveries. The work involves algorithm development, theoretical analysis, and modeling of turbulent flows in areas such as large-eddy simulation of complex geometry flows, mixing and control, multiphase flows, cavitation, hydroacoustics, superhydrophobic surfaces, rough wall boundary layers, fluid-structure interaction, and global stability of complex flows.

Research Areas

AI; ML and Statistical Inference
Algorithms and Codes
Data Processing; Integration; Mining and Visualization
Materials: Calculations; Simulations and Modeling