Mohammed Ombadi

Assistant Professor, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

(734) 764-3340

Portrait of Mohammed Ombadi


Research Interests: Climate Change, Weather and Climate Extremes, Hydrology, Resilience of Ecosystems

Dr. Ombadi has a keen interest in understanding and quantifying climate change impacts on hydroclimatic extremes. From heavy storms and floods to extreme heatwaves and droughts, His research focuses on the changing characteristics of these events and their impacts on our daily lives.

His early research focused on using state-of-the-art data-driven methods such as causal inference, information theory, nonlinear dynamics, and machine learning to analyze environmental systems. In his most recent work, he explored global warming’s impact on extreme events such as rainfall extremes using a combination of observations and model simulations. He has also focused on developing new techniques to measure the resilience of environmental systems to extreme events, with the ultimate goal of informing mitigation and adaptation strategies to climate change.

Research Areas

AI; ML and Statistical Inference