Friday, March 24, 2023
Rackham Amphitheater, Ann Arbor

915 E Washington St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

The Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering welcomes a distinguished group of scientists from around the world for its 2023 Symposium, titled “Emerging and Future Paradigms for High Performance Computing”.

Confirmed Speakers

Fariba Fahroo
Program Officer, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

“Challenges, Opportunities, and National Needs in Computational Science”

Doug Kothe
Director, U.S. Department of Energy Exascale Computing Project

“The Exascale Computing Era is Here! Reflections on Then and Now”

Amitava Bhattacharjee
Professor, Astrophysical Sciences
Princeton University

“Accelerating Fusion through Integrated Whole Device Model of Magnetically Confined Fusion Plasma”

Alex Aiken
Professor, Computer Science
Stanford University

“Legion: Programming Heterogeneous, Distributed Parallel Machines”

Patty Lee
Chief Scientist, Quantinuum

“Quantum Computing: Developments and Opportunities”

Christiane Jablonowski
Professor, Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering
University of Michigan

“Computational Frontiers in Weather and Climate Modeling”

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Professor Venkat Raman



  • Fariba Fahroo
  • Doug Kothe
  • Amitava Bhattacharjee
  • Alex Aiken
  • Patty Lee
  • Christiane Jablonowski

Poster Competition

MICDE Symposium participants are invited to submit a poster for the 2023 MICDE Symposium poster competition, which will be held 12-1:30pm on Friday, March 24.

Competition winners:

1st Place

Tommy Waltmann, “Fast and Efficient Particle Trajectory Analysis with the freud Library”

2nd Place

Doruk Aksoy, “An Incremental Tensor Train Decomposition for High-Dimensional Data Streams”

3rd Place

Archana Sridhar, “Simulation and modeling of particle-laden compressible flows”
Parameshwaran Pasupathy, “A Fractional Viscoelastic Model of the Axon in Brain White Matter”

4th Place

Keith Phuthi, “Ab-Initio Accuracy at Large Length and Time Scales for Lithium Metal Simulations”
Srinivasan Arunachalam, “Experimental validation of a stochastic simulation model for non-Gaussian and non-stationary wind pressures using stationary wind tunnel data”
Kyle Bushick, “Gaining an Atomistic Understanding of Auger-Meitner Recombination in Silicon”
Vishal Subramanian, “Tensor-based approach to accelerate exact exchange calculations in DFT”

Poster competition instructions:

  1. Fill out your poster information using the symposium registration form.  If you need to change any of the poster or registration information you submitted, please resubmit the form.
  2. Design your poster.  Posters should be designed and printed as 3 feet by 4 feet, either landscape or vertical.
  3. Send your poster to be printed by ITS using this form.  If you need assistance, additional information can be found at: Poster & Large Format Printing. You are strongly recommended to submit your poster for printing by March 17 in case of printing or billing problems.
  4. MICDE will pay for poster printing for entrants in the competition.  When prompted for an MCommunity group for payment information, please select MICDE Poster Presentation (  (If you submitted your registration but you’re not in this group yet, please email
  5. Posters can be printed either on Central Campus (Fishbowl, Mason Hall), or on North Campus (Groundworks, Duderstadt Center).  Please note that the event will be held in Rackham, so the Central Campus location is more convenient for poster pickup.
  6. You can hang your poster in the Rackham 4th floor East and West conference rooms, any time between 8am and the beginning of the poster session at 12pm.  There will be a list available onsite to identify your easel number.


If you have any questions about the poster competition, please email


Registration is now open for the MICDE 2023 Annual Symposium. Please fill out our registration form.


Please note, this event aims to reduce waste at every point possible by using both recyclable and compostable materials. Please bring a reusable mug, etc., if you can.