Open Source GIS

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This workshop will provide a fast paced introduction to georeferenced vector data analysis. We will explore the power and functionalities of QGIS and R for reading, manipulating, and analyzing vector GIS data. Participants will also learn to generate production quality maps. Some exposure to R will he helpful but is not required.

Geometric Network Analysis

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This workshop will cover GIS concepts and techniques for analyzing geometric networks embedded in geographical space. We will mainly focus on road network, but the ideas and techniques apply to similar network such as the water and electricity distribution networks and gas pipelines. We will use open source tools in R and QGIS.

You should know the introductory concepts and tools in GIS and should be familiar with R. Familiarity with QGIS is not required.

Open Source GIS

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This workshop will provide a gentle introduction to open source GIS tools in R and QGIS. We will cover introductory GIS concepts and will explore the functionalities of R and QGIS for manipulating and analyzing vector GIS data. Familiarity with R is required.

Open Source GIS Tools

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This workshop will provide a fast paced introduction to open source GIS tools, especially QGIS (but also R). We will explore QGIS’s power and functionalities for manipulating and analyzing vector GIS data. The workshop will be especially useful for students and researchers who use ArcGIS, but would like to learn about open source GIS tools. Participant should have at least one semester or equivalent exposure to GIS.

Introductory GIS

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This workshop will cover introductory GIS concepts, tools, and techniques. We will use ArcGIS to learn basics of GIS by solving 2-3 specific problems. We will use the graphical user interface of ArcGIS and no programming experience is required for this workshop. The workshop will also cover the basics of projections and spatial data.

The workshop is meant for students and researchers who want to have a quick and simple exposure to GIS concepts and tools.

Workshop: Mapping Strategies for Complex Data — March 11

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Justin Joque, U-M Library’s visualization librarian, is offering a workshop titled “Mapping Strategies for Complex Data.”

Time: 2 – 3:30 p.m.

Date: Wednesday, March 11

Location: Shapiro Instructional Lab, 4041 Shapiro Library

Description: This workshop will explore how to visualize complex geographic data. While it is relatively straightforward to map one variable, working with multiple variables in a way that is visually comprehensible quickly becomes difficult. We will work with some complex data and discover strategies to deal with various types of data. This workshop will be most helpful for those with some ArcGIS for Desktop experience.

More information and registration: Workshop web page.


Series of workshops on GIS and data topics starts Feb. 10, runs through April

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LSA IT and the Clark Library are offering a series of workshops covering a broad range of GIS and data topics, from introductory to the advanced level.  These workshops are open to all members of the University of Michigan community.

A list of workshops and information on registration is available.

Topics include introductions to GIS, data visualization, and using tools such as Python and R.

More information about resources for learning GIS, including semester-length courses, online learning resources, and more, is also available from the MLibrary Research Guide.