The focal point for research and education in
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Our mission is to advance new paradigms and applications of computational science and AI to enable scientific discoveries and engineering innovations.
We seek to define a future in which computations are a generator of knowledge and provide direct solutions to the most pressing questions of the time.

This image is courtesy of Vikram Gavini, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and affiliated faculty of MICDE, who recently won the Gordon Bell Prize. Read more.

MICDE Magazine

Explore the MICDE Magazine – your source for advancements, research, and insights in computational science from the Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering, with in-depth articles and interviews.


MICDE Catalyst Program

Research projects in computational science that combine elements of mathematics, computer science, and cyberinfrastructure.

MICDE Catalyst Grants are awarded to tenure track or research track faculty at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor for innovative research projects in computational science.

Featured Researcher

Ellen Arruda

Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering / Macromolecular Sciences and Engineering

MICDE Graduate Programs

Expertise in computational research methods is crucial to success in a wide range of fields. We offer three graduate-level programs aimed at preparing students to excel in computationally intensive environments in both academy and industry.


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