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Please keep in mind that you have to submit equipment, subscription, or other purchase requests at least 1 year before graduation. All other expenses should be submitted at least 1 month before graduation.

Beginning January 1, 2024, any out-of-pocket expenses submitted for reimbursement more than 45 days after the transaction date—or the end of the trip for travel expenses—will be treated as taxable income! To allow processing from our end, please submit your receipts at least a week before the 45-day deadline.



The proper invoice or receipt contains the following information:

  • name of purchaser
  • date of purchase
  • description of the product or service purchased
  • quantity
  • amount paid
  • payment method or zero balance


There are three main expense categories for MICDE Fellows to submit a reimbursement:

  1. Equipment, subscription, or other purchases.
    • Computing equipment, peripherals and accessories (new computer, computer repair, external storage, keyboard, mouse, headphones, iPad, etc)
    • Office equipment (standing desk, office chair, ect.)
    • Other (books, association memberships, software subscriptions, ect.)
  1. Travel expenses (Invoices/ receipts are due 30 days after the end of your trip to allow ample time for processing). Only expenses incurred by the MICDE Fellow can be reimbursed. Meals will be reimbursed on GSA rates.
      • Conference and workshop registration fees and travel costs
      • Professional development course fees and travel costs)
  1. Computational Resources:
    • ARC (HPC resources, storage and cloud services)
    • MC2 (high resolution electron microscopes)

You must fill out a separate form for each expense type, but if you have more than 1 expenses in the same category you can submit it on 1 form detailing the expenses in the comment section. Don’t forget to keep all your receipts as you will have to provide an invoice or receipt for each expense. The receipt or invoice should contain payment information or a zero balance.

Please talk to your advisor before you make any reservations or purchases as you will need their approval for the reimbursement.

To submit an expense for approval, fill out the MICDE Fellows Expenses Form. If you have questions about an expense, please send us an email to micde-fellowships@umich.edu.

MICDE Fellow Page


As a MICDE Fellow, you will have your own personal page on our Fellows web page. If you are a new MICDE Fellow, please complete the MICDE Fellow Information Form to provide the necessary details to creation your web page.

PhD in Scientific Computing Seminar Series – Fall 2023 & Winter 2024

We will continue the seminar series this Fall. Students that enrolled in the program on or after January 2023 are REQUIRED to present, at least once, in the series before they graduate.

Fellows and graduate certificate students are welcome to present.

Please sign up using this spreadsheet.


2024 MICDE Annual Symposium

The 2024 MICDE Annual Symposium will take place on Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at the Rackham Auditorium. Fellows are expected to present a poster at the MICDE Annual Symposium at some point during their U-M degree.