Annual Symposia

Every year, MICDE brings prominent computational scientists to Ann Arbor for our annual symposium. Click on each year to see more.

Traversing High Dimensional Chemical Design Space with Foundation Models

Scientific Foundation Models

Tuesday, April 2 – Wednesday April 3, 2024

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MICDE Annual Symposium 2023

Emerging and Future Paradigms for High Performance Computing

Speakers included:

  • Fariba Fahroo, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • Doug Kothe, US Department of Energy Exascale Computing Project
  • Amitava Bhattacharjee, Professor, Astrophysical Sciences and Head, Theory Department
    Princeton University
  • Alex Aiken, Professor, Computer Science, Stanford University
  • Patty Lee, Chief Scientist, Honeywell Quantum Solutions
  • Christiane Jablonowski, Professor, Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, University of Michigan

Computational Science: Classical Origins, New Frontiers

Speakers included:

  • Marsha Berger, New York University Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
  • Marisa Eisenberg, University of Michigan
  • Carla Gomes, Institute for Computational Sustainability
    Cornell University
  • Jan Hesthaven, Dean, School of Basic Sciences EPFL, Switzerland
  • Necmiye Ozay, University of Michigan
  • Stephen Wolfram, Founder and CEO, Wolfram Research, Creator of Mathematica

Computation: A Pillar of Science and a Lens to the Future

Speakers included:

  • Cynthia Chestek, U-M Biomedical Engineering and EECS
  • Alison Marsden, Stanford
  • Cleve Moler, MathWorks
  • Raju Namburu, Army Research Lab
  • Stephen Smith, U-M Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Beth Wingate, Exeter


2017 Symposium

A New Era of Data-Enabled Computational Science

Speakers included:

  • Jacqueline H. Chen, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Frederica Darema, Air Force Office of Research
  • George Karniadakis, Brown University
  • J. Tinsley Oden, University of Texas at Austin, ICES
  • Karen Willcox, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2016 Symposium

MICDE Annual Symposium

Speakers included:

  • Irene Qualters, Director, NSF Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure
  • Linda Petzold, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Mark Taylor, Sandia National Laboratory
  • James Sethian, University of California, Berkeley
  • Zoltan Cendes, Co-Founder of Ansoft Corp. (now ANSYS), Adjunct Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

2014 Symposium

Joint Symposium with Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS)

Speakers included:

  • Usama Fayyad, Barklays Bank
  • Michael Mahoney, ICSI and UC Berkeley
  • Thomas Hacker, Purdue University
  • Jaime Teevan, Microsoft Research
  • Sandra Cannon, Data Management Expert

2014 Symposium

Research Computing Symposium

Speakers included:

  • Edward Seidel, NCSA
  • Marc Snir, University of Illinois
  • Leslie Greengard, Simons Foundation