MICDE’s depth and breadth of innovation in computational science is reflected in our affiliated faculty’s discoveries, groundbreaking ideas and achievements. Our research centers highlight new tools and methodologies being develop at U-M to accelerate and expand scientific discovery.

Research Centers

Climate visualization

Center for Data-Driven Computational Physics

Modeling of Multi-scale Physical Systems

The mission of the Center for Data-Driven Computational Physics is to usher in the future of large-scale, data-driven modeling of multi-scale physical systems. We focus on data-driven solutions to these problems using high performance computing clusters. However, the interaction of high performance computing for physics with large-scale data is itself a challenging problem, meriting new hardware configurations, software, and computational methods. The Center will respond to this challenge via the ConFlux facility, conceived by MICDE faculty and hosted by ARC-TS.

Network wires and backend

Center for Network and Storage-Enabled Collaborative Computational Science

Improving collaboration on large datasets

The  Center for Network and Storage-Enabled Collaborative Computational Science seeks to address the challenges of extracting scientific results collaboratively from large, distributed or diverse data. Included in the Center is the NSF-funded OSiRIS project, a collaborative, multi-university venture led by MICDE faculty, and hosted by ARC-TS.


Research Opportunity, Mechanical Engineering, TREE Lab – Summer 2019

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Dr. Bala Chandran’s Research Group, Mechanical Engineering, TREE Lab Dr. Bala Chandran is seeking a highly motivated graduate (doctoral or masters) student interested in doing research in the broad area…

Balzano wins NSF CAREER award for research on machine learning and big data involving physical, biological and social phenomena

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Prof. Laura Balzano received an NSF CAREER award to support research that aims to improve the use of machine learning in big data problems involving elaborate physical, biological, and social phenomena. The…

Capecelatro wins NSF CAREER award for work on modeling turbulent reacting particle-laden flows

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Jesse Capecelatro, assistant professor of Mechanical engineering and MICDE affiliated faculty member, has been awarded an NSF CAREER grant for his project "Toward Understanding and Modeling Turbulent Reacting Particle-Laden Flows.

MICDE to provide data analysis and dissemination support for $18 million tobacco research center

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The University of Michigan School of Public Health will house a new, multi-institutional center focusing on modeling and predicting the impact of tobacco regulation, funded with an $18 million federal…