MICDE Research Scholars Program

Join this MICDE program to shape the future in which computations are a generator of knowledge and provide direct solutions to grand challenges facing science and society.

This program is designed for research scholars with two objectives in mind:

  1. Enable breakthroughs and expand the frontiers of computational science, AI, and HPC via strategic research initiatives led by MICDE faculty members

  2. Provide research scholars with career development opportunities. Towards this end, this program will provide active mentoring to research scholars in two tracks: i) placement in faculty positions and ii) placement in national laboratories

Application closed for 2024

A unique feature of this program is that research scholars will work on new initiatives as a cohort with other research fellows and their mentors rather than the traditional mode of working on one-off projects with individual faculty members.

Mentorship is a cornerstone of this program. We believe in cultivating a supportive, collaborative environment where knowledge is shared, and ideas are challenged and refined. Our faculty are committed to providing guidance and working alongside a diverse set of postdoctoral fellows to achieve research goals.

We invite you to be a part of this exciting venture. Whether you are a faculty member with a vision or a postdoctoral candidate ready to push the boundaries of computational science, AI, and HPC, the MICDE Research Scholar Program will be a platform for innovation and excellence.

Potential research scholar applicants will submit their applications directly to MICDE. Application materials and requirements are detailed below.

MICDE Initiatives
  • Algorithm/software/hardware co-design for complex multi-physics applications
  • Multi-fidelity and Reduced Order Modeling for complex multi-physics applications
  • Scientific Foundation models and Physics-informed Artificial intelligence
  • Advancements in Computational Astronomy/Astrophysics

Along these lines, we encourage faculty to propose their vision for new initiatives with a statement of potential impact on science, by sending us an email to: micde-research@umich.edu

    We are looking for up to 6 research fellows. Under this program, MICDE will cover 50% of the stipend of the research scholar and $5,000/year of travel and research expenses. The remaining costs will be covered by faculty mentors. The minimum duration of the program is two years. Experienced candidates will be considered for a research scientist position.