MICDE administers several graduate student fellowships. For more funding resources, see Funding Resources. If you have any questions about these fellowships, please email micde-fellowships@umich.edu

MICDE Graduate Fellowship

Since 2014, MICDE has offered fellowships to current and incoming University of Michigan graduate students whose research project involves the use and advancement of scientific computing techniques and practices. These fellowships, which carry a $4,000 stipend, are meant to augment other sources of funding. Fellows may use the funds to attend a conference, buy a computer, or any other approved activity that will enhance her/his graduate experience.

Fellows must stay involved with MICDE throughout the year by attending the seminar series and other MICDE events. Fellows are expected to present a poster at the MICDE Annual Symposium, circumstances permitting.

2023-2024 Fellows: (pictured from left to right, top to bottom): Chenyang Huang, Doruk Aksoy, Bjorn Kierulf, Daniel Zetterberg, Joshua Pickard, Liuyun Xiu, Haochen Wu, Archana Sridhar, Jacob Pavelka, Tianyue Li, Soumik Das, Seokmin Son, Anvay Pradhan, Gabriel Ponte,  Juan-Alberto Estrada-Garcia, Debadrita Das, Simone Curtis

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MICDE Graduate Fellowships for Current Students

We are not currently accepting applications for this Fellowship. The next cycle will begin in May 2024. Please join our mailing list to be notified when the next application cycle opens.


Fellows must stay involved with MICDE throughout the year by attending the seminar series and other MICDE events. Fellows are expected to present a poster at the MICDE Annual Symposium, circumstances permitting.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted via InfoReady in May-June of each year.  Application materials will include:

  • A single PDF file that includes:
    1. A one-page CV
    2. A 400-word narrative of your current research
    3. A short statement describing your plans for the fellowship funds. In your narrative, please make sure to highlight what computational methods or algorithms you currently use.
  • The name and email of the faculty member that will provide a letter of reference. If you are in a PhD program, this will be your advisor, and if you are in an MS program, this may be the program’s director or coordinator.

This is a very competitive fellowship. Please take into account that publications and a history of participation in MICDE events and activities may be taken into account when reviewing applications.



  • You must have been enrolled for at least one semester in a graduate degree program at the University of Michigan.
  • You must be involved in a research project with a computational science component.
  • You must expect to be enrolled at U-M for your entire fellowship year.
  • MICDE enrollment:
    • In order for your application to be considered, you must have at least completed the initial pre-application or course audit form for one of MICDE’s academic programs before the fellowship deadline.
    • Before funds will be disbursed you must be fully enrolled in one of MICDE’s academic programs.

If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ below, please email micde-fellowships@umich.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MICDE Graduate Fellowship for Continuing Students

What expenses can the MICDE Graduate Fellowship be used for?

  • Conference registration fees and travel costs
  • Professional development course fees and travel costs.
  • Computing equipment and accessories: new computer, computer repair, external storage, keyboard, mouse, headphones, iPad, etc.
  • HPC Resources: ARC-TS, amazon cloud, etc.
  • Software and software subscriptions: Overleaf, Canva, Grammarly, etc.
  • Other: books, association memberships, workspace accessories, etc.

Not allowed: lab equipment or materials, stipends, phones.  Purchases of computing equipment in a student’s final year may be restricted. Contact micde-fellowships@umich.edu if you have any questions about allowable expenses.

Do I need to submit a budget?

No, we only require a description of your plan for the funds. This plan is flexible as long as the uses are in compliance with fellowship spending rules.

Am I eligible for the MICDE fellowship even if I have other fellowships (e.g. NSF GFRP)?

Yes, the MICDE fellowship is complementary funding so there are no restrictions. Please check with your other source(s) of funding to confirm there is no conflict if you receive the MICDE fellowship.

Can I apply for the fellowship if I will start my graduate program at U-M next fall?

No, only students have completed at least one semester in their current graduate program are eligible to apply. You may be eligible for the MICDE Graduate Scholarship for Incoming Students – ask your prospective department about this opportunity.

Do I need to be a currently enrolled in an MICDE program to apply?

No, you may submit your application to one of our academic programs and the fellowship application simultaneously. However, if you are chosen to receive the award, it will be conditional upon your enrollment in the chosen program.
NOTE: It suffices to submit the Course Audit Form for the Ph.D. in Scientific Computing, the Pre-Application Form for the Graduate Certificate in Computational Discovery & Engineering, or the Pre-Application Form for the Graduate Certificate in Computational Neuroscience before the fellowship’s application deadline. Funds will not be disbursed, however, until you are fully enrolled in a MICDE academic program.

May I apply for the fellowship, even if I am a former fellow?

No, a student may only be awarded an MICDE Graduate Fellowship once, even if they start a second graduate program.

MICDE Graduate Fellowships for Incoming Students

We are now accepting nominations for the 2024-2025 MICDE Graduate Fellowships for Incoming Students.

The final deadline to submit a nomination is Friday, March 8, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. E.T. Applications will be reviewed in two sets:

  • Early-bird nominations: Nominations submitted by Friday, February 2 will be reviewed together. We expect to send notifications by Monday, February 12, 2024.
  • Regular nominations: Nominations submitted between Friday, February 2 and Friday, March 8, 2024 will be reviewed together. We expect to send notifications by Monday, March 18, 2024.

Please see the instructions below before submitting a nomination.

In order to attract exceptional students with an interest in computational science to study at the University of Michigan, MICDE offers a number of MICDE Graduate Fellowships to incoming students.  To be considered for this award, a U-M faculty member must submit a nomination on the student’s behalf. MICDE will not communicate directly with nominated students unless they are selected and enroll at U-M.

Nomination Process

Nominations from faculty will be accepted in January-March of each year.  They will be reviewed in two phases, with fewer spots available in the later phase, so faculty are recommended to submit nominations by the first deadline if possible.

Please nominate a student to whom an offer has already been made, for whom you believe the fellowship will make a material difference in deciding to join U-M. We can only accept one nomination per faculty member. If you are nominating on behalf of your department’s recruiting committee, you may submit multiple nominations, but please be sure to list the name of their prospective advisor(s) and general topic.

MICDE seeks to recruit and retain a diverse cohort of students to contribute to building a more diversified, equitable and inclusive STEM community. Please keep this is mind when submitting your nomination.

Please email micde-fellowships@umich.edu with any questions about the nomination process.


You will need the following information ready to fill the form:

  • the student’s full name
  • their undergraduate institution and major
  • their Master’s institution and major (if applicable)
  • expected research area and brief statement of support, and
  • the student’s U-M application file (pdf).

We can only accept one nomination per faculty member.

    Fellowship Awards

    The fellowship will include access to $4500 of funds per student, to be used for equipment, training, computational time, or professional development that will assist in their computational studies.


    Incoming fellows are:


    Current MICDE Fellows

    Meet the recipients of the 2022-2023 MICDE Fellowships. MICDE fellows epitomize the reach of computation in diverse scientific disciplines, as their research projects involve the use and advancement of scientific computing techniques and practices in a wide array of disciplines ranging from community resilience, to human-autonomy and quantum computing.


    Srinivasan Arunachalam

    2022-2023 Fellow, Civil Engineering

    Jiadong Chen

    2022-2023 Fellow, Materials Science and Engineering

    Elizabeth Doty

    2022-2023 Fellow, Chemistry

    Jamie Holber

    2022-2023 Fellow, Applied Physics

    Shugo Kaneko

    2022-2023 Fellow, Aerospace Engineering / Scientific Computing

    Devon Kleeblatt

    2022-2023 Fellow, Materials Science and Engineering

    Beyster Fellowships

    MICDE is aiding in the administration of the Beyster Fellowships. More information coming soon…

    Clare Boothe Luce Fellowships

    The University of Michigan was awarded a Clare Boothe Luce grant to fund the first 3 years of the Ph.D. program of women enrolling in the Ph.D. in Scientific Computing. This one-time opportunity is currently funding two Ph.D. students, one in Mechanical Engineering (College of Engineering), and one in Mathematics (College of Literature, Science and the Arts).

    Mark your calendar for the MICDE SciFM 2024 Conference on April 2nd & 3rd, 2024!