High school students at miRcore’s GIDAS 2016 Biotechnology Summer Camp working on Flux

We have been working closely with miRcorea nonprofit that supports genetics research. MICDE sponsors compute cycles on Flux for high school students learning how to conduct computational biology research. We have also approached the Society of Women Engineers, U-M chapter, with the goal of  promoting scientific computing through their outreach programs.  

Intel, Cray and Altera experts talking about FPGAs and Scientific Computing



Our connections to industry have increased and we are constantly exploring new opportunities. Our ConFlux cluster architecture was designed in collaboration with IBM’s experts, and our work with them still continues. In May, MICDE hosted an internal workshop on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) in collaboration with experts from Intel and Cray. We have established a software partnership with MSC Software to enable access for MICDE student projects. Together with the U-M Business Engagement Center, we are creating an affiliates program for companies to invest in our research.