Computational Mechanics Scientist Postdoctoral Research Associate

Organization: Computational Mechanics & Materials
Work Location: Idaho Falls, ID
Looking for: An expert in constitutive modeling (not micromechanics of materials)

Please Apply Before: October 31, 2019 (Midnight MDT)

In this position, you will work in the Computational Mechanics and Materials Department. Duties will include developing constitutive models for use in Bison and Grizzly, the nuclear fuel performance and component aging software packages under development in the Department. This development will occur using INL’s MOOSE computational framework (, a finite element-based platform for computational science research. Examples of modeling experience that are of interest include: concrete, particularly issues associated with performance degradation; metals, including anisotropic creep, high temperature creep, and general nonlinear response; and oxidation. While the focus of the research will be on constitutive model development, a significant effort will also be placed on analysis using the developed models. Furthermore, you will utilize other skills associated with the development of nonlinear solid mechanics software. Expectations include finding creative solutions to a wide range of challenges, providing software capabilities that are thorough, user-friendly, and well documented, working without the need for detailed direction, and developing a significant set of internal and external professional contacts.

You will support representation of the Department to sponsors and peers through programmatic and technical presentations and scientific publications; by enhancing technical currency and proficiency through peer participation and technical publication; and by writing technical manuscripts reporting progress, documentation, methods, and results from projects. It is expected that the work will result in publications in peer reviewed journals.

You will support identification of new research opportunities that attract funding, plays a key role in technical teams to respond to those opportunities, supports proposal writing activities by way of introducing new ideas and approaches, and helps secure funding for the conduct of that research.

You are expected to be a strong asset to our mature high-energy R&D team and work effectively both in isolation and as a team member. You must take direction from other team members and peers and also provide input in a constructive manner to others while maintaining positive and professional relationships.

You will maintain required training commensurate with security, safety, and work execution programs.


 PhD in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or related field within the previous 5 years.

  • Demonstrated oral and published written communication skills (in English).
  • Demonstrated ability to conceive and execute computational science research.
  • Knowledge of the finite element method, solid mechanics, and constitutive relationships.
  • Experience developing computational software.
  • Experience writing proposals.
  • Must be able to work in a culturally diverse environment.
  • Must be able to obtain and retain access to the software packages under development.

Special Requirements and/or Training:
Knowledge and experience in any of the following will be helpful: parallel programming, iterative solvers and preconditioning, numerical methods, nuclear fuel, heat transfer, and multiphysics coupling.

**Must enjoy working in a culturally diverse work environment.**

Selective Service Requirements
To be eligible for employment at INL males born after December 31, 1959 must have registered with the Selective Service System (SSS). This includes U.S. born and naturalized citizens, parolees, undocumented immigrants, legal permanent residents, asylum seekers, refugees, and all males with visas of any kind which expired more than 30 days ago. The few individuals who are exempt from this requirement are those on current non-immigrant visas.  For more information see

Employee Job Functions
Employee Job Functions are physical actions and/or working conditions associated with the position.  These functions may also constitute essential functions for the job position which the employee must be able to fulfill, with or without accommodation.  Information provided below is to help describe the job so that the applicant has a reasonable understanding of the job duties/expectations.  An applicant’s ability to perform and/or tolerate these actions and conditions will be discussed and workplace accommodations may be made on a case-by-case basis following an individualized assessment of the applicant and other considerations, including but not limited to any governing safety standards.
  • Motor Abilities: Fine motor control (hands); Repetitive work – intermittent.
  • Special Senses: Visually demanding work; Near vision; Depth perception; Basic color discrimination; Speech discrimination.
  • Work Conditions: Stairs; Typing/keyboard; >8 Hrs/day; Working alone.

Other Information

When applying to positions please provide a resume and answer all questions on the following screens. Applicants, who fail to provide a resume or answer the questions, may be deemed ineligible for consideration.

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