Computational Solid Mechanics and Materials Modeling Postdoc position available at Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Group (T-3) is seeking outstanding candidates for multiple post-doctoral research opportunities in the areas of solid mechanics, materials modeling, and numerical methods development. The prospective post-doctoral research associates will take lead roles in the development of (i) models of inelastic deformation and/or failure in solid materials, and (ii) computational techniques for the effective representation of such behaviors.

Strong background and demonstrated research experience in theoretical modeling and numerical simulation of large-deformation problems involving metallic, polymeric, and/or organic crystal systems.  Strong interest and expertise in the mechanics and physics of plasticity and damage processes, and models for the representation of these behaviors.  Demonstrated experience with computational methods for the solution of initial/boundary value problems and/or implementation of new material models. Excellent oral and written communication skills, the ability to work independently and as an integral part of a team conducting theoretical/computational and experimental work, and the ability to interact effectively with other members of such a diverse team of specialists.

Desired Skills: Expertise in one or more of the following areas is highly desirable.

  • Classical and/or single-crystal plasticity models,
  • Poly-crystal plasticity with homogenization or full-field (FEM or spectral) methods,
  • Microstructure evolution processes,
  • Damage and failure models for ductile and/or brittle materials,
  • Phase field models of microstructural evolution or damage/failure processes,
  • Polymer strength/damage models,
  • Nonlocal/generalized continuum mechanics and constitutive modeling,
  • Coupled multi-physics problems,
  • Concurrent multiscale modeling techniques,
  • Data-driven / machine-learning approaches,
  • Algorithm and code development for massively parallel and emerging architectures.

Education: A doctoral degree in engineering, materials science, scientific computing, or a related field, completed within the last five years or soon to be completed.

Additional Details: Position does not require a security clearance.  Selected candidates will be subject to drug testing and other pre-employment background checks.


To apply for this position or to learn more about it, please visit the Los Alamos National Laboratory job posting here.