Brendan Kochunas

Assistant Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Brendan Kochunas


Brendan Kochunas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science. Dr. Kochunas work focus on high performance computing methods, especially parallel algorithms for the 3D Boltmann Transport Equation. He is the lead developer and primary author of the MPACT (Michigan Parallel Characterstics based Transport) code. Currently, leading the development of MPACT and its application within CASL (www.casl.gov) constitutes his research activities.

Dr. Kochunas is a co-director of the Center for Scientific Software Infrastructure, and the lead instructor of MICDE course Methods and Practice of Scientific Computing. He has created a novel and integrated class curriculum that immerse U-M students in many HPC tools and resources, and teaches them to effectively use these in scientific computing research.

Research Areas

Algorithms and Codes
High Performance Computing