Vancho Kocevski

Associate Director, Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering (MICDE)


Vancho Kocevski


Dr. Kocevski’s research experience is in computational materials science, solid-state physics, and quantum chemistry, focusing on calculations and modeling of properties of bulk materials, nanoparticles, and molecules. His research interests include investigating materials properties, thermodynamic modeling of materials, developing and using methodologies for materials discovery and design, and modeling electron backscatter diffraction, utilizing computational materials approaches such as density functional theory, ab-initio and classical molecular dynamics. He has experience in investigating the optical and photoluminescent properties of nanoparticles, discovering new thermoelectric materials, designing improved nuclear wasteforms, understanding the properties of nuclear fuels, studying the phase formation in complex oxides under irradiation, and analyzing the hydrogen bonding in molecular dimers.