Yulin Pan

Assistant Professor, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Yulin Pan


Yulin Pan is an Assistant Professor in the department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. He received his Ph.D. in mechanical and ocean engineering from MIT in 2016, with a minor in mathematics. His research is primarily concerned with theoretical and computational hydrodynamics, with applications in ocean engineering and science. He has made original contributions in nonlinear ocean wave mechanics, tidal flows, propeller and bio-inspired foil propulsion. Alongside research, he is also an active writer on popular science of fluid mechanics. His active research topics include:

  • Theoretical, computational and experimental investigations to understand the fundamental physics of wave turbulence
  • Prediction and understanding of nonlinear ocean and coastal wave phenomenon
  • Response of ships and offshore structures in wave field
  • Development of computation and optimization methods for propellers and flapping foils
  • Propagation of internal waves/tides at geophysical scales

Research Areas

Computational Fluid Dynamics