Modeling and Simulation Engineer/Scientist

Location of Position: Austin, Texas

Employing Institution: Protection Engineering Consultants

Description of Position: Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) is a unique and diverse small-business engineering firm, headquartered in Texas. PEC is globally recognized as an industry pioneer in the areas of applied research, advanced modeling and simulation, assessment and testing for the protection of people, systems, and infrastructure against natural and man-made hazards, extreme accident scenarios, and deliberate attacks. We perform high-fidelity physics-based modeling; design and evaluate novel protective devices, oversee material-level and full-scale physical testing; and, develop fast-running models using data analysis techniques (machine learning, genetic programming, etc). We perform this work for military and civilian clients. We are looking for a creative and motivated modeling and simulation engineer/scientist, who can support our advanced technology and applied research projects. The candidate must have experience (academic or work-related) in applying and/or developing state-of-the-art numerical modeling tools, for solid dynamics and fluid dynamics applications. Experience modeling extreme loads and highly nonlinear material response is preferred and course work in structural dynamics, numerical analysis, and computational modeling is expected. The successful candidate will have capabilities in one or more of the following areas: nonlinear dynamic analysis using LS-DYNA, CTH, ABAQUS, ANSYS, ALE3D, EPIC, DYSMAS, or other first-principles high-fidelity, physics-based codes; laboratory testing; and programming in Python or other scientific languages. Familiarity with and application of data analytic techniques and open-source software is a plus. We will provide opportunities and encouragement for professional development in technical, marketing, and management areas, depending upon individual interest.

Minimum Qualifications: MS or PhD in Engineering, Physics, or Math.-US citizen.

  • Recent graduates are welcomed, but work experience is a plus.
  • Course work or experience in structural dynamics, numerical analysis, and computational modeling.
  • Programming in Python or other scientific languages.
  • Ability to clearly communicate verbal and written technical information.

Application Procedure: Resume Submission/Phone interview/On site interview in both Austin and San Antonio offices

Contact Information: Randi Jinkins


Closing Date: 10/31/2019