The Optimization Firm: Optimization Research Scientist

Job Description and Responsibilities
The Optimization Firm is seeking a full-time Optimization Research Scientist to begin immediately. Applicants should have expertise in data modeling and analysis, large-scale linear and integer programming, heuristic solutions design, and/or development of efficient optimization implementations.

This developer will have an exciting opportunity to advance software solutions and analytics. As an optimization developer, your ability to develop innovative algorithms and problem-solving solutions will initially support the BARON software project. As you grow into this role, your work will include additional optimization and machine learning projects.

Job Description

  • Designing, implementing, testing, and deploying robust general-purpose optimization algorithms
  • Addressing the solution of specific applications
  • Communicating research results through scholarly journals and at conferences

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field such as applied mathematics, computer science, operations research, industrial engineering, or related field
  • Experience with optimization methods and solvers (CPLEX, Gurobi, COIN-OR, etc.)
  • Proactive self-starter who is comfortable working remotely without micromanagement of day-to-day tasks

Desired Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in a quantitative field such as operations research, computer science, or related field
  • Experience with applications of optimization in areas such as energy or finance
  • Experience with nonlinear or integer programming algorithms

Benefits and Compensation
You will have the opportunity to advance the world-leading global optimization software, helping solve real-world problems to global optimality. Salaries are negotiable based on your qualifications and experience. We also offer flexible work hours, the possibility of remote employment, and excellent benefits.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Apply: Please submit your résumé and cover letter to