PhD Position Available Immediately, TREE Lab

Professor Bala Chandran is looking to recruit one highly motivated PhD student, on a Department of Energy funded project on solar water splitting for hydrogen production. This project will tentatively start from November 2019. The student will be involved in developing computational models to predict the combined influences of semiconductor physics, electrocatalysis, mass and energy transport for the design of a particle-suspension solar water splitting reactor. The student will also be involved in experimental aspects of this project to understand the impacts of thermal convection on species transport. 

Interested students should have the following qualifications: 

  • Strong analytical skills and intellectual independence (i.e., able to read books or papers and learn by oneself; able to transfer theoretical knowledge to practical situations) 
  • Excellent work ethic and a strong team player that can interface with a multidisciplinary team with university and national lab partners 
  • Aptitude for numerical and computational modeling of various physical phenomena 
  • Relevant course experiences: 
    • Undergraduate level Thermodynamics, Heat-Transfer or Mass-
    • Transfer, Fluids, Numerical Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
    • Basic programming skills in Matlab/Python/Mathematica
    • Knowledge or experience in finite element/finite volume modeling for transport problems and semiconductor physics will be considered a plus point.
    • Interest and capability to develop hands-on experimental prototypes for the project to study thermal transport.

Students from various engineering departments – ME , ChemE, MSE, EECS, and Applied Physics are encouraged to apply for the position. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email, as one PDF file (1) your CV, (2) unofficial academic transcript and (3) a one-page statement of interest to ASAP! Your statement should reflect your coursework and research experiences pertinent to this project, and highlight why you are interested in this project.