Postdoctoral Position Available, TREE Lab
Dr. Bala Chandran’s Research Group, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Bala Chanran is looking to hire a postdoctoral scholar immediately for an ARPAE-funded project on high-temperature powder processing for additive manufacturing applications. Applicants should have demonstrated expertise in the areas of material thermodynamics, knowledge of FactStage/CALPHAD to perform phase- equilibrium calculations for metallic alloys, multiscale microstructural materials modeling, oxidation and carburization kinetics of ceramic oxide dispersants, modeling thermal transport and mechanics of materials. 

Interested applicants should have strong computational and analytical skills and demonstrate intellectual independence, should be a team player that is willing to work in a multidisciplinary team-setting with university and industry partners, and possess excellent oral and written communication skills. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Prof. Bala Chandran ( all the following documents AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as one compiled PDF application. 

  1. A 2-page CV with publications and references
  2. 1 one-page statement of interest that explains why you are best suited for working on the proposed research topic including pointers on how you meet the required project criteria.
  3. 5 slides to showcase your research experience highlighting specific individual contributions with appropriate references included.