The Computational Mechanics Laboratory in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics is seeking applications from outstanding candidates for a Postdoctoral Researcher position. The duties involve using commercial either finite element based or meshless methods based software to numerically study deformations, failure and penetration during impact events. The candidate will prepare technical reports detailing the work done, analysis methods, and interpretation of results. Also, they will prepare journal articles suitable for publication in peer-reviewed journals, and present research findings at relevant conferences.

Applicants must have earned a Ph.D. in either Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics or Computational Science and Engineering. Expertise in Computational Solid Mechanics. Experience in high performance computing, developing subroutines for commercial software. Good knowledge of FORTRAN and/or C++. Proven oral and written communication skills.

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Postdoc researcher


Blacksburg, VA