Senior Scientist – Artificial Intelligence for R&D with BASF

Location: Wyandotte, MI (preferred) or Tarrytown, NY

BASF is seeking a professional like you to join the Data Science community and shape the future of digitalization in Research and Development.  An Artificial Intelligence System (AI) observes its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at a given goal. As AI expert, you will create such systems that learn and decide for multiple application areas in materials and systems research as well as process and quality control.

BASF will look to you to have demonstrated that you can build AI systems based on machine learning technology by integrating advanced algorithms with interfaces for sensors and actors.  In contrast to an isolated developer, you appreciate and understand experts from all areas of Data Science, including Automation & Information Technology, Data Analytics, and Data Management.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate your experience in multiple projects using different IT environments (e.g. Lab Automation systems like LabView, Big Data systems like Hadoop; Machine Learning frameworks like scikit-learn; and programming languages like R or Python), your thorough understanding of data driven workflows, and your knowledge of statistical methods and their industrial application.  You will also share your agility, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking with the team while feeling comfortable in a diverse, interdisciplinary, and challenging environment.  Your superior consultancy mindset with a high degree of flexibility and an ability to learn and adapt to new applications quickly will also be key to your success in this role.


  • BASF recognizes institutions of Higher Education which are accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or equivalent
  •  Leveraging your PhD in science or engineering with a focus on quantitative analytics (or equivalent qualification) and your experience in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – so much so that you are recognized as an expert, you will evaluate new approaches and explore new applications for AI.
  • Your experience in the Chemical (or related) industry and your excellent project management and collaboration skills will be essential as you initiate, execute, and lead AI projects in collaboration with research and business units in diverse high performing teams.
  • Demonstrating your international and industrial working experience, including your proven track record in working within multinational teams, filling the innovation pipeline, and executing projects with high business impact, you will define and develop novel AI solutions and liaise with academic experts and commercial providers.
  • Your excellent communication and interpersonal skills, along with your proven track record of relevant publications in peer-reviewed journals, will serve you well as you communicate and disseminate AI to a broad community of scientists and managers.

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