ARC-TS and ITS are pleased to announce that  the University of Michigan is now a Globus Provider for the research community. Globus is a robust cloud based  file transfer service specifically designed for moving many large files, ranging from tens of GB to tens of TB, between servers.

Standard features of Globus for all users include:

  • Transfers typically a factor of two or more faster that scp/sftp
  • Automatically restarts or continuation when problems arise
  • Transfer happen in the background so that user do not need to remain logged into a system
  • Transfer large files between your laptop/desktop and servers via Globus Connect Personal
  • Data publication and discovery capabilities

The new Provider service for U-M adds:

  • Globus endpoints available for NFS volume on MiStorage owners as well (formerly ValueStorage)
  • Sharing of server directories/folders with non-UM Collaborators who are also Globus users. This is for transfer/copy purposes rather than shared use of server.
  • Sharing of directories/folders from laptops/desktops via Globus Plus account upgrade

For more detailed information on how to use Globus and these features go to

For information on process of setting up endpoints and linking to U-M provider feature go to the ARC-TS Globus web page.