Information Science & Technology Institute (ISTI) Internship Opportunities with Los Alamos National Laboratory

ISTI Summer Schools 2020

Who: Undergraduate and graduate students
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Students, start your career before you even graduate! Join the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where they solve national security challenges through scientific excellence. This means working in national security, energy, healthcare, engineering, and more.

The Information Science & Technology Institute (ISTI)’s summer programs for students address emerging challenges in national security:

  • Parallel Computing Research Internship Get a foundation in modern high-performance computing (HPC) and research real problems encountered in large-scale scientific codes.
  • Co-design School Work on a team research project related to computational co-design, such as novel programming models on a specific application like hydrodynamics and molecular dynamics.
  • Data Science at Scale School Work with computer and application scientists to work on data-intensive science problems of interest to the laboratory, with a particular focus on using big data technologies.
  • Cyber Security School Prepare for your cyber security career by joining one of two tracks: incident response to learn the necessary concepts and skills to investigate cyber security incidents, or research to develop innovative solutions to address national cyber threats.
  • Applied Machine Learning Research Internship Apply machine learning methods to real-world scientific data analysis problems via team research projects.
  • Quantum Computing School Gain exposure to the theoretical foundations of quantum computation and become skilled at programming commercial quantum computers, such as those developed by D-Wave Systems and IBM.
  • Target Student: Upper-level undergraduate and early graduate students
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