MICDE Fellowships

Since 2014, MICDE has offered top-off fellowships to current and prospective students whose research project involves the use and advancement of scientific computing techniques and practices. These fellowships, which carry a $4,000 stipend, are meant to augment other sources of funding and are available to students in both the Ph.D in Scientific Computing and the Graduate Certificate Program in Computational Discovery and Engineering. Fellows may use the funds to attend a conference, buy a computer, or any other advisor-approved activity that will enhance her/his graduate experience. We also ask Fellows to attend the MICDE seminar series and to present a poster at the MICDE Annual Symposium.

MICDE Fellowships 2017-2018: Applications are open for current U-M Students

Applicants should be engaged in an MS or PhD research project and enrolled in either the Graduate Certificate in Computational Discovery and Engineering or the PhD program in Scientific Computing.  (Those not yet enrolled may submit program application materials together with the fellowship application.)

Fellows may use the funds…
… for travel (for example, to attend a conference/workshop, or visit another research group);
… to buy a computer;
… for time on Flux or other HPC services;
… for CSCAR consulting time;
… or any other approved activity that will enhance her/his graduate experience (student salary stipend, including summer, is not permitted).

Fellows commit to:

  • Attend at least eight MICDE seminars in Fall 2017/Winter 2018
  • Attend one MICDE students networking event
  • Present a poster at the MICDE Annual Symposium on March 22, 2018

To apply:

  1. Download the application form
  2. Submit the application form and a 1-page resume as a SINGLE PDF DOCUMENT to micde-apps@umich.edu with the subject “MICDE Fellowship Application: Last Name, {Department or Program or School}”
    Examples: “MICDE Fellowship Application: Smith, Mechanical Engineering”,  “MICDE Fellowship Application: Smith, Graduate Program in Neuroscience”, “MICDE Fellowship Application: Smith, SNRE”
  3. Advisor must submit a letter/email to support your application by the deadline (* After you submit your application, ask your advisor to send an email to micde-apps@umich.edu with the subject “MICDE Fellowship letter of support: Last Name”. They can write a short email or attach a letter supporting your application.)

Deadline for submission is Friday, May 19, 2017, 5:00 p.m. E.T. We expect to announce the fellowships’ awardees on Monday, June 5, 2017.

2016-2017 MICDE Fellows

For the 2016-2017 academic year, MICDE received more than 60 applications of extraordinary quality, and we are pleased to announce the recipients:

  • Yuxi Chen (Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, Prof. Toth)
  • Sarah Cherng (Epidemiology, Prof. Meza)
  • Sambit Das (Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Gavini)
  • Arya Farahi (Physics, Prof. Evrard)
  • Jared Ferguson (Applied Physics, Prof. Jablonowski)
  • Eric Harper (Material Science and Engineering, Prof. Glotzer)
  • Mina Jafari (Chemistry, Prof. Zimmerman)
  • Yuchen Jiang (Industrial Operations & Engineering, Prof. Shi and Prof. Shen)
  • Joshua Kammeraad (Chemistry, Prof. Zimmerman)
  • Yilin Lin (incoming student, Mathematics, Prof. Silas Alben)
  • Eric Parish (Aerospace Engineering, Prof. Duraisamy)
  • Qicang Shen (incoming student, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, Prof. Downar)
  • Pascal Title (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Prof. Rabosky)
  • Sarah Verner (incoming student, Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Gavini)
  • Bowei Wu (Mathematics, Prof. Veerapaneni)
  • Yuqing Zhou (Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Saitou)