The Coalition for Academic Scientific Computing (CASC) is holding its annual contest for images for its yearly brochure that is distributed to its 82 member universities, federal funding agencies, members of Congress, peer institutions, and at events throughout the year.

The images and research featured in this brochure are selected through an open competition among CASC members (including U-M).

Pictures must be at least 300 dpi, and be accompanied by a paragraph explaining the image and naming the computational system on which it was created (e.g., Flux). The pictures will be judged on the following criteria:

  • illustrative of research underway
  • timeliness
  • intellectual merit
  • scientific, cultural or economic impact
  • compelling, visually interesting images.

All images from last year’s brochure competition are available for viewing on the web. To submit images for this year’s competition, send image files and short descriptions to ARC Communications Specialist Dan Meisler <>, who will forward them to CASC.

The deadline is May 31.