Introduction to the Linux Command Line

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This course will familiarize the student with the basics of accessing and interacting with Linux computers using the GNU/Linux operating system’s Bash shell, also generically referred to as “the command line”. Topics include: a brief overview of Linux, the Bash shell, navigating the file system, basic commands, shell redirection, permissions, processes, and the command environment. […]

NVidia GTC 2021 Conference

NVIDIA has their GTC technical conference April 12-16. It is free to attend and all online so no travel. Making you aware of this opportunity to hear from a global community of developers, researchers, engineers, and innovators who are delivering over a 1000 sessions, interactive panels, demos, and research posters. Registration is now open and the session […]

Getting Started with the Python Multiprocessing Package

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OVERVIEW This workshop will provide a gentle introduction to using the multiprocessing package in Python for parallelizing and speeding up code. We will use hands-on programming exercises to demonstrate how to quickly get started with commonly used components of the multiprocessing package. Note that a Great Lakes account is optional for this workshop, but you […]