AI for Physically Based Bio-Medicine Workshop

April 24, 2020 | 11:00 am – 1:00 pm EDT | Zoom

The goal of this workshop was to convene an interdisciplinary group of faculty members at the University of Michigan to discuss ways to advance AI/ML for physically based biomedicine.


11:00-11:05: Krishna Garikipati (Intro, plans)

11:05-11:20, Alberto Figueroa (vascular flows, computation and ML)

11:25–11:40, Anthony Vecchiarelli (patterning evolution in cells and cell-free environments)

11:45–12:00, Gary Luker (ML for imaging in cancer cell biology)

12:05–12:20, Sofia Merajver (cancer cell migration, metastasis and ML)

12:25–12:40, Xun Huan & Karthik Duraisamy (ML approaches for physically based phenomena)

12:40–1:00,   Discussion and talk about possibilities for collaboration and funding