Registration is now open for a five-day workshop on advanced parallel programming sponsored by ARC.

Time/Date: 10 – 5 p.m., August 10-14, 2015

Location: Room 2615, School of Public Health I, 109 S. Observatory

Instructors: Dr. Charles J. Antonelli, Advocacy and Research Support, LSA Information Technology
Mark Champe, Advocacy and Research Support, LSA Information Technology
Bennet Fauber, Advanced Research Computing – Technology Services
Nancy Herlocher, Advocacy and Research Support, LSA Information Technology
Seth Meyer, Advocacy and Research Support, LSA Information Technology
Todd Raeker, Advanced Research Computing – Technology Services

Overview: This workshop will cover parallel programming in various languages, including MATLAB, R, Python, C and Fortran, using both MPI and Open MP models on CPU, many-core, and GPGPU architectures. Some conceptual lecture material will be provided, but the focus of this workshop will be on learning practical programming concepts using sample programs, and most of the workshop will be spent in designing, running, debugging, and analyzing the performance of code.  Sample programs will be provided, or, better, bring your own programs to class, and we’ll practice parallelizing them. This course consists of ten sessions.  Please see our session grid for the complete list of sessions and more details on each.  All participants should sign up for Sessions 1, 9, and 10. You may sign up for any of the other sessions that interest you.  We encourage you to sign up for all sessions!

More information and registration:

Space is limited, so sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot.