MICDE Fellow

Anvay Pradhan

2023-2024 MICDE fellow

Home Program
Mechanical Engineering


Portrait of Anvay Pradhan


Weaving enables us to create complex geometries with unique properties. Basketweaving, for example, can achieve stiff three-dimensional shapes by combining flexible fibers. I am developing computational models that can simulate woven geometries to understand how weaves hold together and deform under load. With this information, we hope to design useful woven systems like biomimetic robots or deployable structures.


Evgueni Filipov & Talia Moore

Research Areas

AI; ML and Statistical Inference
Algorithms and Codes
Biology Applications and Engineering
Materials: Calculations; Simulations and Modeling
Mechanical and Structural Engineering
Mechanics and Dynamics
Modeling: Multi-scale; Predictive and Metamodeling
Physics: Theory; Methods and Application