Max Z. Li

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Affiliations: Industrial and Operations Engineering, MIDAS


Max Z. Li


Max’s research interests lies in the design, management, and optimization of large-scale infrastructure systems, focusing on the air transportation system and emerging aerial mobility systems. He is interested in the application of methods applicable to networked systems, especially with resource constraints (e.g., airspace and airport capacity), diverse stakeholders (e.g., passenger-centric, airline-centric), and complex dynamics (e.g., changing temporal behaviors). Max has worked on a variety of data-driven problems related to analyzing flight delays across airport networks, strategic/tactical air traffic management and delay assignments, privacy and routing in drone-based applications, and uncertainty-aware traffic management. He is interested in methods such as graph signal processing and signal processing over non-Euclidean domains, data-driven optimization, mixed-integer/integer/combinatorial programs, resilient network design, and stochastic optimization. Broadly, Max hopes to contribute to a safe, resilient, and efficient air transportation system (inclusive of intra- and inter-city modalities) within the context of a passenger’s (or cargo’s) door-to-door journey.

Research Areas

Data Processing; Integration; Mining and Visualization
Graph-Based Methods
Machine Learning
Mathematical modeling
Networked Systems
Security and Privacy