MICDE $4k Top-off Fellowships

2019-2020 MICDE Fellows (from left to right) Guodong Chen (Aero), Suyash Tandon (ME), Jiale Tan (Epidemiology), Fuming Chang (ClaSp), Kelly Broen (Epidemiology), Bradley Dice (Physics), Liz Livingston (ME), Will Weaver (EEB), Yuan Yao (ME), Samuel Baltz (Pol Sci), Joe Hollowed (Physics), Minki Kim (ME), Allison Roessler (Chem), Chongxing Fan (ClaSp), Maral Budak (Biophysics), Saibal De (Math), Xian Yu (IOE), Jiaming Zhang (Physics) [not pictured: Thomas Waltmann (Chem E), Anil Yildirim (Aero)]

Since 2014, MICDE has offered top-off fellowships to current and prospective students whose research project involves the use and advancement of scientific computing techniques and practices. These fellowships, which carry a $4,000 stipend, are meant to augment other sources of funding. Fellows may use the funds to attend a conference, buy a computer, or any other approved activity that will enhance her/his graduate experience. We ask Fellows to attend the MICDE seminar series and to present a poster at the MICDE Annual Symposium.




      Applicants to a graduate program at U-M who have shown an interest in computational science. To be considered for this award, a U-M Faculty member should submit a nomination on the student’s behalf. Nominations for 2020-2021 are closed. Will open nominations in December 2020 for the next cycle.

2020-2021 MICDE Fellowships call for applications is now Open

  • You must be enrolled in the Ph.D. in Scientific Computing, the Graduate Certificate in Computational Discovery & Engineering or the Graduate Certificate in Computational Neuroscience. Students can submit fellowship and Certificate/PhD applications simultaneously. See http://micde.umich.edu/academic-programs/ for Certificate/PhD application instructions.
  • You must be involved in a research project with a computational science component.
  • You must expect to be enrolled at U-M for both Fall 2020 and Winter 2021.
  • Fellows must stay involved with MICDE throughout the year by attending the seminar series, and other MICDE events. Fellows are required to present a poster at the MICDE Annual Symposium which will take place on April 2021.

To apply please visit micde.infoready4.com. You will need:

  • A single pdf file that includes: (1) your 1-page CV and a (2) 400-word narrative of your current research.
    In your narrative, please make sure to include what computational methods or algorithms you currently use.
  • The name and email of the faculty that will provide a letter of reference. If you are in a PhD program, this will be your advisor, and if you are in an MS program, this may be the program’s director or coordinator.

The deadline to apply is FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2020 AT 11:59 P.M. E.T.

Questions? Please email micde-contact@umich.edu

Clare Boothe Luce Fellowships

The University of Michigan was awarded a Clare Boothe Luce grant to fund the first 3 years of the PhD program of women enrolling in the PhD in Scientific Computing. This one-time opportunity is currently funding two Ph.D. students, one in Mechanical Engineering (College of Engineering), and one in Mathematics (College of Literature, Science and the Arts). Meet the fellows here.

2019-2020 MICDE Fellows

Meet the recipients of the 2019-2020 MICDE Fellowships. We had extraordinary applicants and nominations, and we are pleased to announce this year awardees.


2018-2019 MICDE Fellows and Honorable Mentions

2018-2019 MICDE Fellows

Zhitong Bai, Mechanical Engineering
Kyle Bushick, Materials Science Engineering
Geunyeong Byeon, Industrial & Operations Engineering
Sehwan Chung, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Khoi Dang, Chemistry
Sicen Du, Materials Science Engineering
Jia Li, Physics
Sabrina Lynch, Biomedical Engineering
Samar Minallah, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering
Everardo Olide, Applied Physics
Shaowu (Shawn) Pan, Aerospace Engineering
Alicia Petersen, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering
Vyas Ramasubramani, Chemical Engineering
Fabricio Vasselai, Political Science
Nathan Vaughn, Mathematics
Blair Winograd, Chemistry
Samuel Young, Chemical Engineering
Alicia Welden, Chemistry
Kexin Zhang, Chemistry
Bu Zhao, School for Environment and Sustainability

2018-2019 Honorable Mentions

Ayoub Gouasmi, Aerospace Engineering
Joseph Kleinhenz, Physics
Kristina Lenn, Chemistry
Sophia Macarewich, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Luis Rivera-Rivera, Chemical Engineering
Allison Roessler, Chemistry
Benjamin Swerdlow, Materials Science and Engineering
Christopher Tossas, Biomedical Engineering
Logan Williams, Materials Science and Engineering
Qiushi Yu, Political Science

2017-2018 MICDE Fellows and Honorable Mentions

2017-2018 MICDE Fellows

Diksha Dhawan, Chemistry
Negar Farzaneh, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
Kritika Iyer, Biomedical Engineering
Tibin John, Neuroscience
Bikash Kanungo, Mechanical Engineering
Yu-Han Kao, Epidemiology
Steven Kiyabu, Mechanical Engineering
Christiana Mavroyiakoumou, Mathematics
Ehsan Mirzakhalili, Mechanical Engineering
Colten Peterson, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering
James Proctor, Materials Science and Engineering
Evan Rogers, Biomedical Engineering
Longxiu Tian, Ross School of Business
Jipu Wang, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
Yanming Wang, Chemistry
Zhenlin Wang, Mechanical Engineering
Alicia Welden, Chemistry
Anna White, Industrial Operations and Engineering
Chia-Nan Yeh, Physics
Yiling Zhang, Industrial Operations and Engineering

2017-2018 Honorable Mentions

Geunyeong Byeon, Industrial & Operations Engineering
Ayoub Gouasmi, Aerospace Engineering
Joseph Kleinhenz, Physics
Jia Li, Physics
Changjiang Liu, Biophysics
Vo Nguyen, Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics
Everardo Olide, Applied Physics
Qiyun Pan, Industrial & Operations Engineering
Pengchuan Wang, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Xinzhu Wei, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

2016-2017 MICDE Fellows

For the 2016-2017 academic year, MICDE received more than 60 applications of extraordinary quality, and we are pleased to announce the recipients:

  • Yuxi Chen (Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, Prof. Toth)
  • Sarah Cherng (Epidemiology, Prof. Meza)
  • Sambit Das (Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Gavini)
  • Arya Farahi (Physics, Prof. Evrard)
  • Jared Ferguson (Applied Physics, Prof. Jablonowski)
  • Eric Harper (Material Science and Engineering, Prof. Glotzer)
  • Mina Jafari (Chemistry, Prof. Zimmerman)
  • Yuchen Jiang (Industrial Operations & Engineering, Prof. Shi and Prof. Shen)
  • Joshua Kammeraad (Chemistry, Prof. Zimmerman)
  • Yilin Lin (incoming student, Mathematics, Prof. Silas Alben)
  • Eric Parish (Aerospace Engineering, Prof. Duraisamy)
  • Qicang Shen (incoming student, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, Prof. Downar)
  • Pascal Title (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Prof. Rabosky)
  • Sarah Verner (incoming student, Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Gavini)
  • Bowei Wu (Mathematics, Prof. Veerapaneni)
  • Yuqing Zhou (Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Saitou)

2015-2016 MICDE Fellows

2015-2016 MICDE Fellows

  • Kevin Bakker (Ecology & Environmental Biology, Prof. Pascual)
  • Federica Cuomo (Biomedical Engineering, Prof. Figueroa)
  • Chuanfei Dong (Climate and Space Sciences Engineering, Prof. Bougher)
  • Ryan Farber (Astronomy, Prof. Ruszko)
  • Chih-Chuen (Ian) Lin (Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Gavini)
  • Daniel Nunez (Nuclear Engineering, Prof. Manera)
  • Joseph Paki (Physics, Prof. Gull)
  • Minseok Ryu (Industrial & Operations Engineering, Prof. Jiang)
  • Devina Sanjaya (Aerospace Engineering, Prof. Fidkowski)
  • Jeff Shi (Ecology & Environmental Biology, Prof. Rabosky)
  • Lois Smith (Climate and Space Sciences Engineering, Prof. Liemohn)
  • Leighton Wilson (Math, Prof. Krasny)
  • Shaosui Xu (Climate and Space Sciences Engineering, Prof. Liemohn)
  • Alexander Zaitzeff (Math, Prof. Krasny)
  • Hongyan Zhou (Climate and Space Sciences Engineering, Prof. Toth)

2014-2015 MICDE Fellows

2014-2015 MICDE Fellows

  • N. Khalid Ahmed (Chemical Engineering, Prof. Glotzer)
  • Carl Simon Adorf (Chemical Engineering, Prof. Glotzer)
  • Rose Cersonsky (Marcromolecular Engineering, Prof. Glotzer)
  • Min-Je Choe (Materials Science and Engineering, Prof. Thorton)
  • Yan Deng (Industrial and Operations Engineering, Prof. Shen)
  • Tyler Dillstrom (Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Violi)
  • Victor Fuentes (Industrial and Operations Engineering, Prof. Lee)
  • Han Guo (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Prof. Michielssen)
  • Rahul Jha (Computer Science and Engineering, Prof. Radev)
  • Sungjin Nam (School of Information, Prof. Collins-Thompson)
  • Sara Rimer (AOSS, Prof. Katopodes)
  • Diana Thatcher (AOSS, Prof. Jablonowski)
  • Matthew Wozniak (AOSS, Steiner)