An AI Coachbot for Strengthening Self-Regulated Learning of Computational ML and AI



We wish to develop a generative AI-based feedback and coaching chatbot that can transform the training of hundreds of computational scientists- and engineers-in-training at the University of Michigan and thousands worldwide. The envisioned system will provide generative AI-assisted coaching and feedback to allow:

  • University of Michigan students to reach deeper experiential competence in computational AI, machine learning, and data science skills
  • Thousands of students from around the world, without access to the sorts of instructors, GSIs, and mentors, as we do at UM, to experientially jumpstart their learning of the necessary foundational computational AI and ML theory and skills.
  • Students to strengthen their self-regulated learning skills as a means to develop the skills needed to continually learn new topics independently as ML and AI continues to evolve.

Other Researchers

Raj Rao Nadakuditi (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

David Reeping (Engineering and Computing Education, University of Cincinnati)