The SIGHPC Grant application process is now open for applications, and offers full-time students the chance to fund a portion of their travel to SC15 in Austin, Texas. In addition to a maximum of $600 to travel from within North America, or $1200 to travel from outside of North America, grant awardees will receive complimentary technical program registration. Attending SC15 as part of the travel grant program opens many professional opportunities. And awardees are not expected to “figure it out” on their own! Each grant recipient is assigned his or her own mentor based upon interests identified in the grant application. While at the conference, awardees will have the opportunity to learn about fellowships and grants in their fields of interest, and to interact with professionals and other students who share those interests.

If you are interested in applying for a SIGHPC Travel Grant for SC15, the application is available at To apply you must be a member of SIGHPC, provide some basic information, and explain your motivation in high performance computing and desire to attend the SC15 conference. Your advisor must provide a letter of recommendation.

Applications are due by September 3, 2015.